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It’s official! People who are happier live for longer!

A British study of 52-79 years olds was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and showed that people who are happy, even for a little while over a single day, have a 35% lower risk of dying than those who are least happy. The study is a part of the longest-running […]

Lo-fi Living

I read with interest an article in Grazia magazine  this month about Kate Moss’s new approach to life – lo-fi living. ‘What’s that?’ you ask. It’s all about avoiding the easy to fall into 24/7 access to technology, avoiding quick-fix beauty treatments involving lasers and surgery, replacing alcohol as a fast-fix stress-reliever and making time […]

Prevention of Stress and Anxiety

As well as enjoying pampering treatments, spas are a great place to focus on your emotional well-being and to start incorporating relaxation into your life to prevent stress and anxiety. Often we take responsibility for our physical health by eating healthily and doing regular exercise, but we forget about our emotional health and can end […]

Stress and anxiety relief

As well as a place for pampering yourself, spas can also provide you with relaxation space and holistic treatments that can help to maintain and improve your day-to-day well-being and relieve stress and anxiety. Sometimes life deals you some heavy knocks – maybe the break up of a relationship, the death of a loved one, […]

Flourish: Awaken the Magic

This guest post is to inform you about a fab event on Sunday 23rd September 2012 10 – 4pm at Alexandra House Spa, Murray Road,  Edgerton, Huddersfield HD2 2AD Calling all women from 35 +. Join 2 wise women who have been there done that and worn the t-shirt. Let us take you on a […]

Thank Heavens For…Alexandra House Spa, Huddersfield.

Guest blog from our client, Rosaleen:  This is the most amazing place. It’s seriously the nicest spa I’ve been to and I class myself as something of an expert in that field! Alexandra House Spa is the sort of place you go to for the first time with a hint of hope that you’ll relax, that […]

Massage can help migraine

Migraine is a distressing disorder that can be triggered by stress and poor sleep, and massage has been shown to reduce migraines. A study published in the Annals of Behavioural Medicine showed that weekly massage for 5 weeks in migraine sufferers reduced the frequency of migraines and improved the quality of sleep. The benefits were […]

Beach Body Beautiful

Get your body ready for the beach! It’s that time of year where we’re all getting ready for our summer hols. Our poor bodies have been hidden away from the fresh air and our skin is probably a bit neglected and craving some tlc. But soon it’ll be time for those gorgeous summer dresses and […]

Benefits of spa visits

Benefits of spa visits – a series of blogs looking at the scientific reasons for the benefits of spa therapies Lots of people now visit a spa for some time out and relaxation. We all lead busy lives, rushing from here to there, busy with work, family, trying to keep fit etc. And so it’s […]

Benefits of business networking

Before I set up Alexandra House almost 5 years ago, I worked in cancer research for the NHS and so had no business experience and knew no-one in the business arena. I thought business was really competitive and so was really surprised to see that that there were lots of networking events in and around […]